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Case 2

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Case 2

Before and After Cosmetic Periodontal Treatment

A broad gummy smile can expose excess amount of gum tissue back to the molar region. In this case, the crown lengthening was extended to the premolar teeth.  The procedure was done under IV sedation.  The patient was extremely pleased with her experience and the aesthetic result. She is now discussing with her General Dentist doing some very conservative veneers.


Before Crown Lengthening, case number 2

Case number two - Before Crown Lengthening

Case 2: Before Crown Lengthening, right sideCase 2: Before Crown Lengthening, left side


Case 2: Before Crown Lengthening, upper teeth


Case 2: After Crown Lengthening, upper teeth

                                    Before                                                                                           After

Before Crown Lengthening case number twoAfter Crown Lengthening performed by Dr. Gallez, case number 2