All-On-Six (Fixed Implant Bridge)

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I placed 6 dental implants in the upper jaw. A PREMIUM Procera Implant Bridge was made. It consists of a titanium framework with individual porcelain crowns and pink composite.

I am quoting the patient: “Doc, it feels so good to finally be able to bite on a burger”.

Upper Jaw Dental Implants
Six Dental Implants placed in Upper Jaw

Dental Implants in Upper Jaw
Upper Jaw with Implant Bridge

Procera Implant Bridge
Premium Procera Implant Bridge bottom view

Premium Procera Implant Bridge
Premium Procera Implant Bridge top view

Dental Implant Image Remarks

-The little holes that you see in the crowns in the upper right photo are “filled” with a white composite filling material after the prosthesis is screwed in place.

-The prosthesis is designed so that the patient can easily clean under it.

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