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Why are Periodontist Important for Oral Health? 

Periodontists are very important for our oral health. They are different from regular dentists because they specialize in taking care of the gums and bones that support our teeth. While regular dentists help with general oral health, periodontists have special training to deal with gum diseases.

Gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can cause serious problems if they are not treated. They can make our gums inflamed, cause them to shrink back, and even make us lose our teeth. Periodontists know a lot about how our oral health affects our overall well-being, so they can give us complete care.

One of the things that make periodontists special is the treatments they can provide. They can do surgeries like gum grafting, bone regeneration, and dental implants. They can also do non-surgical treatments like cleaning our teeth and roots to get rid of infections and control gum disease.

When we go to a periodontist, we get the special care we need for our gums and teeth. They can find problems early, give us the right treatment, and help us keep our smiles healthy for a long time.

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