Pre-Op / Post Op Instruction for IV Sedation

Eating and fluid intake

patient being sedated
  • Do not eat anything 6 hours prior to the appointment
  • Do not drink any opaque fluid 6 hours prior to appointment (examples of opaque fluid are milk, orange juice, coffee…)
  • Only a small amount of water or Gatorade can be sipped until 3hrs before the appointment
  • Stop taking anything per month (other than your medication) in the 3 hours period before the sedation

This will ensure that you come to the appointment with an empty stomach and prevent you from vomiting should nausea occur. The medications that we use very rarely create nausea. Vomiting while being sedated is dangerous: it may obstruct your airway. It can be prevented by following the above protocol. Please note that we have some very effective IV drugs that reduce nausea should this occur.

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Sedative Pre-Medication and Regular Medication

You may be given a prescription for a “sleeping pill” to take the night before your appointment. This will help you sleep well the night before and arrive well rested at your appointment. Take the sleeping pill as directed, typically one tab of Halcion 0.25mg at bedtime. Take all your other medications normally, as prescribed by your physician (unless informed to stop or modify the dosage by your physician). Do not take any sleeping pill/sedative on top of what Dr. Gallez, Dr. Sanz Miralles and Dr. Ha have prescribed you.


Wear loose clothing that does not restrict your breathing and allows easy access to your upper arm for attachment of a blood pressure machine and for the administration of injections. You may be a little unsteady on your feet after your sedation. To reduce the possibility of fall and injury you should wear flat shoes. If you wear contact lenses you must take them out before your appointment.

Nail Polish, Lipstick, and Shaving

A probe will be placed on your finger to monitor your pulse and oxygen continuously while you are sedated. It does not work well on nail varnish or fake nails. Therefore, they will have to be removed before your appointment. Do not wear heavy make-up. For men, a clean shave is preferred.

At Your Appointment

  1. Before treatment begins you will be connected to safety machines that will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and breathing continuously throughout the procedure.
  2. We will start the IV, usually in the back of your hand or on the inside of the elbow.
  3. The sedative will be administered the sedation. Most patients have little recall of events after the sedation has been given.
  4. This procedure is not general anesthesia and at all times :
    • You will not lose consciousness.
    • You will be able to communicate with Drs. Gallez, Sanz Miralles and Ha.
    • You will be able to respond to instructions given to you by Drs. Gallez, Sanz Miralles and Ha.
  5. After treatment, you will be discharged home to a responsible adult. You will need a ride to drive you back home.

After Your Appointment

The sedative agents used in your treatment will affect your coordination, memory, and judgment. For 18 to 24 hours after your sedation, do not:

  1. Drive, cook, or operate machinery.
  2. Make important decisions or sign papers.
  3. Take any alcohol or sleeping tablets
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