Treatment of Bad Breath

man with bad breath

It is estimated that over 25-to-30 million Americans suffer from chronic bad breath. Recent studies have confirmed that in approximately 80 percent of these cases, the odor sources are in the oral cavity.

Intra-Oral Sources of Halitosis

Critical to eliminating and controlling oral malodor is the physical disruption and removal of VSCs (Volatile Sulphur Compounds) and their causative agents. Since the majority of them reside on the tongue, in periodontal pockets from active gum disease, and other soft tissues of the mouth, access, and debridement of these areas are critical. Bacteria in your mouth attack your tissues, break them down, and odors (VSC gases) are released. This is why we recommend a complete dental and oral examination to accurately locate the sources of your mouth odor.

Extra-Oral Sources of Halitosis

In some cases, certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, chronic sinusitis, lung infections, digestive problems, and certain prescription medications can be additional sources of halitosis. If one of these conditions was detected during your halitosis screening, you would be referred to your medical doctor for further evaluation.

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