PerioDerm is an acellular dermal allograft that is derived from donated human skin and is indicated for the replacement of damaged or inadequate tissue in the repair, reinforcement or supplemental support of soft tissue defects. Tissue for PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is recovered and processed by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental’s partner for DBX® Putty and MTF mineralized allograft.

PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is minimally processed to remove epidermal and dermal cells while preserving the extracellular matrix. The removal of viable cells and antigens during the decellularization process minimizes the risk of rejection and inflammation at the surgical site. The remaining matrix serves as a framework for cellular infiltration and vascularization. PerioDerm Acellular Dermis has been shown to support the migration of host cells from wound margins and surrounding tissues.  MTF is directed by physicians, specifically, a Board of Directors and a Medical Board of Trustees comprised of more than 40 surgeons from world-renowned institutions. They alone set MTF’s standards, which are among the most stringent in the industry.  MTF maintains exclusive agreements or right of first refusal with the majority of the nation’s organ procurement organizations.  MTF’s standards exceed those set by the American Association of Tissue Banks, FDA and most tissue banks when it comes to screening for cancer, illegal drug use, maximum donor age, and a host of other conditions.  More than 97% of donors are deferred for not meeting MTF’s criteria. MTF never takes donors deferred by other tissue banks or direct referrals from funeral homes.  MTF has developed and validated its own tissue cleaning technologies for safe, but high quality, tissue.  MTF has distributed more than 3.5 million allografts from over 65,000 donors.

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